Resignation letter from The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities City Voice 030

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This evening (08/18/17) all seventeen members of The President’s Committee On The Arts And Humanities have resigned.

This episode is the content of their powerful letter to the President.

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Jim Kovalsky on Trains from Brightline to TriRail

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How much do you know about trains?

Jim Kovalsky knows a great deal. I would call him an expert.

He is President of the Florida East Coast Railway Society and a former volunteer presenter with train crossing safety program Operation Life Saver.

Jim dispells myths, talks a little train history, and teaches me a few things about trains.


Florida East Coast Railway Society 

Operation Life Saver



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Charlottesville Commentary City Voice 029

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May thoughts about Charlottesville 

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Is Mar-a-Lago a Knockoff or a Treasure? CityVoice 028

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Vanity Fair Magazine recently made reference to New York’s Trump Tower and Palm Beaches’ Mar-a-Lago in the context of Trump’s Bedminster New Jersey Golf Club as follows, “It isn’t faux cosmopolitan, like Trump Tower, or a poor man’s version of the Mediterranean, like Mar-a-Lago.”

 Prompted by Vanity’s Fair’ assertion, The Palm Beach Post asked in its headline, Is Vanity Fair right to trash Mar-a-Lago’s architectural style?”

 The Post went on to describe Trump’s New Jersey Bedminster resort, Mar-a-Lago, and Palm Beach as follows, “Bedminster seems authentic while Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago, in particular, are concocted pastiches of various Mediterranean architectural styles.” 

After reading this I thought who better to ask if Mar-a-Lago is a concoted pastiche than Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Architect Rick Gonzalez.

As to whether Palm Beach is a concocted pastiche….I leave that to you.



Architect Rick Gonzalez

Palm Beach Post Article

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Local Preparedness Reaction and Reality from Guam

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I record City Voice from West Palm Beach, Florida.

In my hometown, our big heightened awareness and preparedness issue shows up during hurricane season. Even then, mostly only when a storm is imminent. 

North Korean ICBM missiles are a threat to hit the US Territory of Guam, our allies in Japan, South Korea, and possibly even the West Coast of The United States.

That threat has ratcheted up significantly over the last week. 

Guam is a relatively small community of about One hundred and sixty-thousand people on a small island in the Pacific Ocean.

How are the locals handling this threat? How would we handle this threat? How would you handle this threat?

The Conversation:

My conversation is with Dana Williams, Executive Editor of the Pacific Daily News in Guam. The “PDN” is Guam’s newspaper.


The Pacific Daily News


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Local Politics Fire and Fury City Voice Podcast 025

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This week I was struck by the stark contrast between two completely different events.

Either event can or could have ended up turning into “Fire and Fury”.

This is my point of view.

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City of West Palm Beach’ Scott Kelly on Mobility and What’s Next City Voice Podcast 024

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Did you know the City of West Palm Beach is not the “decider” on most issues that related to the Okeechobee Blvd. Corridor?

Who is and what can you do to support The City of West Palm Beach?

This weeks conversation:

Scott Kelly is the City of West Palm Beach Assitant City Administrator. He explains who is in charge of what, what’s the latest on Okeechobee Blvd. traffic improvements, and what you can do to support improvements in West Palm Beach.

Scott Kelly talks about everything from trees to traffic.

Show Notes and Links:

Contact info for Palm Beach County Commissioners.


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Ricky Aiken of Inner City Innovators Brings Hope to the Hood City Voice Podcast 023

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Ricky Aiken, Executive Director of Inner City Innovators grew up on the Tamarind Ave. Corridor in West Palm Beach.

He grew up tough. He grew up hopeless. That is until hope found him.

Ricky spent years figuring it out, being mentored, educating himself, and now he is back on Tamarind Ave. with a little hope.

This is my conversation with Ricky Aiken.


Inner City Innovators

Support Inner City Innovators

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Andrew Gillum Mayor of Tallahassee wants to be the next Governor of Florida

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Andrew Gillum is the Democratic Mayor of Tallahassee.

Gillum is campaigning to be the Democratic nominee and hopes to be the next Governor of Florida.

I had the chance to meet him while he was speaking at a Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches meeting.

This an opportunity for you meet him and hear where he stands on a variety of issues.

NOTES and LINKS from our conversation.  

Here is Andrew Gillum’s campaign website

City of Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum 

Campaign To Defend Local Solutions



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Turo is a new Global Marketplace where You can rent a Car From or To Anyone City Voice Podcast 021

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Recently, I was watching “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” and I saw a segment on a company called Turo. Turo works in a similar way for cars that Airbnb does for houses. You can rent a car from high end to lower end for reasonable price. Or you can make your car available to “earn it’s keep” when it’s just sitting in the driveway costing you monthly money. 

My interest is also that America is very slowly shifting from an ownership to an access paradigm when it comes to cars. More and more people and choosing not own a car. Of course, this happens with much higher frequency where public transportation and walkable bikeable circumstances exist but it is happening.

The City Voice conversation this week is with Christin Di Scipio of Turo.


NBC Nightly News segment on Turo

Turo website

I recommend you go to your favorite “app store” and check out the Turo phone app. See what’s available where you live.


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Is There Something Wrong With Clematis Street? City Voice Podcast 020

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In a recent West Palm Beach Mayor / City Commission workshop, Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Raphael Clemente started his presentation by asking the question, “What’s wrong with Downtown”.

We explore that question.

Show notes, links, and discussion points:

What makes a place “sticky”?

How is Subculture Coffee a good example of creating a “sense of place”?

Large deep storefronts present unique difficulties. Can alleys behind those spaces be part of the solution? 

The current master plan is based on assumptions that have changed. Is it time to revisit it?

One of our greatest assets is _______?

Video of Mayor / Commission Work Session.

Downtown Development Authority

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Fourth of July Freedom Commentary City Voice Podcast 019

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A brief special Fourth of July commentary on freedom.


Declaration of Independence  

The Constitution of The United States

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WPTV 5 Weatherman Steve Weagle talks about Weagle and then Weather City Voice Podcast 018

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This week I talk with my favorite weatherman. Steve Weagle of WPTV TV 5 and WFLX TV 29.

I get a chance to know Steve a little and find out why and how he ended up in Florida, what he attributes his success to, and his forecasting style. 

Then I ask him why weathercasters don’t talk about climate change. He explains how the thinking on this question has evolved and gives us his thoughts on the issue. 

The current proposed federal budget makes big cuts to NOAA in areas that affect weather forecasting. Weagle ways in on that.

He tells us how exciting the new GOES-16 satellite is.

Then we get his perspective on the current hurricane season and why a busy hurricane season might be better for us in South Florida.


My Favorite weather map from WPTV

Steve Weagle’s WPTV bio

GOES-16 Satellite Images



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Rick Gonzalez of REG Architects and Planners City Voice Podcast 017

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Rick Gonzalez is an advocate for the preservation of historic architecture and for the creation of great contextual architecture that will stand the test of time.

His firm REG Architects Interiors and Planners does all that and more and they have the resume to prove it.

I asked Rick to be on the City Voice Podcast because I have admired his work and service for years. 

I also think he helps to shine a light on the talent in and direction of the City of West Palm Beach.


REG Architects Interiors and Planners

Time Lapse video of The Historic 1916 Palm Beach County Courthouse (construction portion starts [2:00] in)

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Gabe Klein Post Okeechobee Blvd Public Meeting WRAP UP City Voice Podcast 016

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Four night of meetings. At least 600-700 people.

Tons of sophisticated ideas from the residents of West Palm Beach.

Now in the hands of urban planners, traffic engineers, and transit experts. 

This week: Gabe Klein of CityFi comes back on City Voice to give us all idea of where things go from here and his impressions of West Palm Beach.

If you missed any or all of the four nights of meetings fear not…..

You can visit the West Palm Beach Mobility website and leave your thoughts ideas and solutions in the hands of the mobility team by using the interactive map.

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Gabe Klein of CityFi on the Okeechobee Corridor Public Meeting and Charette City Voice Podcast 015

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The City of West Palm Beach is kicking off the “Okeechobee Corridor Public Meeting and Charette” on June 12 from [5:30] – 8:00 p.m. 

All related events will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Okeechobee Blvd in room 2B (second floor)

The interview: Gabe Klein is the co-founder of City Fi and is working with local partner Alta Planning and Design. Gabe is a nationally known expert who has worked with cities across America and the world.  

In this episode of City Voice, Gabe explains what his role will be this week in this West Palm Beach Public Meeting and Charette. My impression is that Gabe makes solution-oriented recommendations based on data and his experience. Click and listen for the rest.


The Okeechobee Corridor Public Meeting and Charette is on  

  • Monday, June 12 from 5:30 – 8:00 pm (Mapping The Future)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, June 13-14 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm (Creating The Vision)
  • Thursday, June 15 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm (Presenting The Future)
  • Pre-register by emailing
  • Event webpage

Gabe Klein information:

Gabe’s website

Gabe’s Tedx Talk

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Jeri Muoio Mayor of West Palm Beach on Climate Change City Voice Podcast 014

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The United States of America is no longer participating in the Paris Climate Accord. However, cities across America are.

West Palm Beach, Florida is one of those cities. 

My guest this week is Jeri Muoio. Mayor of West Palm Beach. 

Mayor Muoio discusses:

  • Her participation in the Paris COP 21
  • Climate Change and our drinking water
  • What West Palm Beach is doing 
  • The importance of leadership

City of West Palm Beach

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Dave Aronberg Palm Beach County State Attorney on the Opioid Crisis and Sober Homes City Voice Podcast 013

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Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg updates us on the Opioid Crisis and Sober Homes.

Show Link: Office of State Attorney

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West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District has a new non profit behind it. Teneka James of the DDA explains City Voice Podcast 012

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For some, the arts are a passion. For others, the arts are just pretty or even provocative.

No matter how you feel about art it’s tough to dispute that the arts lift economies, builds community, and make the world a little bit nicer place.

This week Teneka James, Associate Director of the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, talks about the new West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District, Inc. James is the head of this new 501c3 non-profit that will partner with long established art venues in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach as well as local artists.


West Palm Beach Arts and Entertainment District

Teneka James


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Jesse Bailey talks about Mobility Issues City Voice Podcast 011

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Recently, I read a Palm beach Post article by Tony Doris on mobility issues and ideas. In that article, Jesse Bailey was quoted extensively.

Jesse is the author of the Walkable West Palm Beach blog (I highly recommend it) and is on the West Palm Beach technical advisory committee on downtown mobility. Jesse is not a planner or a traffic engineer. However, it’s fair to say he does have an above average level of expertise and has the added insight of being a longtime Downtown West Palm Beach resident.

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SkyBike’s Juan Orellana explains SkyBike and gives Us personal insights into embracing a Pedestrian lifestyle. City Voice Podcast 010

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Juan Orellana, General Manger of Skybike in West Palm Beach is the City Voice guest this week. 

Juan explains how the SkyBike service works.

Updates us on the business of SkyBike after almost two years in West Palm Beach.

Then gives us a look into his personal life embracing life with no car in downtown West Palm Beach.

Go to the SkyBike website for information about using SkyBike and Bicycle tours.

A SkyBike                                                                      SkyBike Locations


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Historic Preservation A Nuisance or Beneficial? City Voice Podcast 009

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This week on the City Voice Podcast I talk with Friederike Mittner, the City of West Palm Beach Historic Preservation Planner.

We talk about why the historic preservation of historic homes and commercial buildings is more than a permitting nuisance.  

She outlines:

  • Economic benefits
  • Job creation
  • Environmental benefits
  • Increasing property values in a variety of West Palm Beach neighborhoods.
  • Paint color guidelines?
  • Tax exemptions that come with your remodel
  • And more…

Economic benefits   economic_impact_summary-of-benefits_pdf

Nominate your historic rehab project or a neighbor’s for official recognition. Nomination-Form

Visit the City of West Palm Beach Historic Preservation Dept.

Call the West Palm Beach Historic Preservation dept. (561)822-1457



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Northwood Village Grand Opening Insight and Info on how to support Our Community and Have a Good Time. City Voice 008

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On this week’s City Voice Podcast, we discuss the Saturday, April 21 Northwood Village Grand Opening. It’s a kind of celebration of Northwood Village but the focus is on eight new businesses.  (see below for business names and links)

The day will be filled with discounts and deals for shoppers, music and great food. Also eight ribbon cuttings by West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio.

Personally, I’m excited about this event because I know how much hard work went into it by business owners, residents, and the City Of West Palm Beach. Events like this build businesses but over the long term, they build community. You going and supporting this event makes our community stronger. 

My Guests this week:

Lourdes Sanchez, owner of Om Yoga and Wellness at 410 Northwood Rd in WPB. Lourdes is also the Executive Director for Northwood Main Street. Lourdes gives us the 411 on this Saturday’s Grand Opening event!

Will Davis owns The Day By Day Shoppe (at 513 Northwood Rd in WPB) along with his husband Matt ChambersWill explains why they opened in Northwood Village and what Frank Sinatra and his Mom had to do with it.











Learn more about Northwood Village:


Participating Grand Opening Businesses:                                                                                                                 COMING SOON IN NORTHWOOD VILLAGE

Wander Bracelets
415 Northwood Rd – New location with a new outdoor mural!
Chalakos Peruvian Bistro
511 Northwood Road

Thai Buddha Spa
511 B Northwood Road
Day By Day
513 Northwood Road
Alicia’s Latin Cuisine
517 Northwood Road
Sophisticated Lash and Nails
444 25th Street

Vintage Journey
418 25th Street

Bombshell Boutique
435 25th Street    


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Proposed One Flagler Class-A Office Building By Related. Harvey Oyer answers questions. City Voice Episode 007

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Related Co. is proposing “One Flagler” a 25 story class-A office building. The proposed building is designed by renowned architect, David Childs, architect of the Freedom Tower/One World Trade Center. It would sit behind the historic First Church of Christ Scientist built in 1928. The Church is not currently protected as a landmark and has been approached by other developers regarding development. The congregation’s hope is to remain in the Church. The One Flagler project proposes to keep the congregation in the Church, landmark the Church, create a conservation easement on the remaining buildable (approx) 1.25 acres and submerged land, and create a “substantial” fund in a trust that would keep the Church in its’ current condition, in perpetuity.

The project requests a change to the master plan that would allow for this project to exceed the current five-story height limit.

I interview Harvey Oyer, attorney at Shutts & Bowen, who represents Related Co., and their effort to develop this proposed project.

At the end of my interview with Harvey Oyer, I give you my opinion on this project.

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Update: The Lords Place Has Record Breaking Sleep Out Results City Voice Podcast 006

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In this Special Update, to episode 005 of The City Voice Podcast, I speak with Margie Yansura of Wordsmith Communications and she BREAKS THE RESULTS NEWS. In this special shortened episode Margie gives us the results.

The Lord’s Place held it’s 10th annual Sleep Out Friday night 4/7/17 and had record breaking results thanks to their hard work, trust they have built, and residents stepping up and supporting an end to homelessness.


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