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City Voice is a podcast is based in my hometown West Palm Beach, Florida. In many ways, I see West Palm Beach as a platform for a much larger conversation that reflects the issues of America.

We are a geographically large city with a population of about 100,000. We have dense urban centers. Some affluent and some struggling. We have gated communities, glorious historic homes, tract housing, a historic African American Community, a rapidly growing Hispanic community, a white community that has both been here for generations and new arrivals. Our downtown is a growing population of young up and coming professionals and other parts of our population feel left behind. West Palm Beach is surrounded by large swaths of agriculture and its’ poor farm towns to the west and a hometown to many of the world’s wealthiest billionaires to the east. West Palm Beach sits in the middle and experiences the influences of both and so much more.

Like all cities, West Palm Beach gets things right and sometimes gets things wrong. We can all learn from those mistakes and triumphs. I think if we all listen a little more, we step closer to effective ways forward.

I’m the guy behind the mic in every episode but I want to hear from you whether you’re in West Palm Beach or anywhere else in the World… We all have so much to share and learn from each other. You can email me at Bill@WPBCityVoice.com or call and leave me a voicemail at (561)247-3701. I would love to play your comment on the show and explore it.

I believe we all have a lot more in common than we realize. This podcast is about how we can all improve our quality of life by learning from each other.

As you work to improve your city, town, or neighborhood and find what’s worked and what hasn’t. Your experiences might lead to another’s success.

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Bill Newgent


A longtime West Palm Beach resident, Bill Newgent has been a local voice for quality of life issues, smart development, equality, and social justice.

Born in Washington D.C., South Florida resident since 1969 and a West Palm Beach resident since 1990, Bill Newgent was a News/Talk Show Producer throughout the 1990’s. Focusing on local, national, and international Political news and analysis, he worked daily with local, state, and national political figures and issues. The show Newgent produced was voted “One of The Most Important Talk Shows in America” three times.

In 1999, Newgent formed a real estate investment and development company that focused on blighted, historic West Palm Beach neighborhoods. This work and his deep political acumen, developed in his broadcast career, allowed him to work successfully with government entities, as well as creating grassroots support for positive change.

Newgent served as Vice President and Board Member at Large for the Grandview Heights Neighborhood Association. He became known to neighbors and elected officials as a local leader. Grandview Heights remains his neighborhood today.

It wasn’t long before elected officials, campaigns, and new political candidates began to ask if Newgent would be involved in their efforts on behalf of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, and the state of Florida.

His involvement played a significant role in numerous victorious campaigns for City, County, and State elected officials. Most recently, he was the Campaign Manager for Mayor Jeri Muoio’s successful re-election campaign and David Silvers’ campaign for Representative of Florida House District 87. As a volunteer, Newgent served as chair or member of numerous boards, committees, and commissions for government entities.

“Giving a voice, building consensus, finding solutions and deepening understanding of issues that serve the community where I live have always been a passion of mine”, says Newgent. “With the help of fellow citizens, this is what I commit to do with the City Voice Podcast.”


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