Bob Cosgrove Tells His Story of Vincent Van Gogh Nuclear Submarines and the Grandview Heights Neighborhood City Voice Podcast 043

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This week on the City Voice Podcast:

I hope this is the first of many conversations that explore, record and reveal interesting aspects of the lives of people.

People that we stand next to in line at the grocery store or pass in traffic often have stories we will never know.

This weeks conversation is with Bob Cosgrove. Bob is my neighbor. He also happens to be a former navigator on one of America’s first nuclear submarines. 

Bob is also an author. His recently published book Vincent Van Gogh: A Poisoned Life: A Novel is just out and available on

More than those things I wanted to hear his stories and get his perspective on what they neighborhood we live in (Historic Grandview Heights) was like almost a decade before I moved there. The blight, the drug houses, Howard Park, the neighbors.

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