City Voice Call-in Comment Line.

Comment Line Number (561)247-3701

This number is for you to call in to comment, make a suggestion or ask a question.

City Voice is not a live “call in” show but I still want to hear from you.

If you leave a message I will definitely listen to it with the intent of using your message on the show.

I believe your comments have the potential to help us all move closer to accomplishing our goals or seeing something differently.

I might end up building an episode around your idea so leave me your number.

Because I may play all or any portion of your comment on the show, get clear on what you want to say, get to the point, and keep it clean.

I need your name (first name is enough), what city you live in, and if your neighborhood has a name I would love to know that too.

Lastly, I will never answer this phone number. This number is set up to only record what you have to say.

Thanks, I can’t wait to hear from you! (561)247-3701

Phone: (561)247-3701


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