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In past episodes of the City Voice Podcast, we have discussed housing for the homeless with our friends at The Lords Place and with others. We are going to discuss homelessness today.

First I want to talk about what’s most often referred to as workforce housing i.e. housing for your average working person within a certain economic range.

Lately, I find myself referring to it as housing for the missing middle.

For a while now I have been talking with talented young people in WPB and in other cities who went to college, go to work every day, are single, and are looking out at their lives and saying how will I get married, have kids, and raise a family here. Is there an area where I can afford a house, in a reasonably safe area, have a decent school, and be able to put down roots? This is an issue in many areas of the country.

The issue doesn’t just affect the young professionals who want all those things. It affects every one of us.

How does that affect me you ask??? I’m doing fine you say??? Well, just one way is talent i.e. intellectual capital and energy. Those things equate to a more resilient dynamic economy wherever you live. Economies are driven in part by the talent or lack thereof that drives it.

This week’s Conversation

I’m joined by Armando Fana, Director of Housing and Community Development for the City of West Palm Beach.

Among other things… Armando over the last 20 years has been program manager for the Broward County Workforce Development Board, where he was part of welfare reform implementation and workforce housing programs. He was also the Director of the Hollywood Florida Workforce One Center, and went on to be the field office director for HUD’s (as in dept of Housing and Urban Development)  Miami office…which covers 10 Florida Counties.

Armando has been with the city of West Palm Beach since 2015.

Show links and notes:

West Palm Beach Department of Housing and Community Development

Housing and Community Development phone number. (561)822-1250

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